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Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys Explain The Joint Tenancy Deed

Joint Tenancy Deed

There are a number of laws that govern joint ownership or joint tenancy of any property, and these laws deal with the circumstances of any such contract.

This law, inherited from British law, remains in effect today. Joint tenants enjoy certain rights and privileges, making it one of the best available options.

One key difference between joint tenancy and tenancy in common is that joint tenancy automatically transfers title upon the death of any of the joint owners. This is an excellent option for those who wish to transfer the rights of their home or property to a spouse or other partners.

A will or other legal document cannot override the binding laws that govern joint tenancy. When one of the property owners dies, their share is automatically transferred to the remaining owners, ensuring that the surviving owner receives the entire share of the deceased.

When a property has only one owner, they can make a will to dictate how the property will be distributed after their death. This applies specifically to the last owner of the property when there is no longer a joint title in place.

Joint ownership can involve two or more people who agree to share ownership of a piece of real estate based on their needs as homeowners. The legal process concerning the death of a tenant is managed through a death certificate and an affidavit confirming the details.

There are many other advantages associated with joint tenancy of a property. One of these is that the survivor does not need to undergo court proceedings or other expensive, time-consuming processes to transfer the property into their name.


Such advantages make joint tenancy a perfect option for those looking to co-own a home for their lifetimes, as well as for individuals who want their heirs to inherit their shares automatically without complications. For more information on joint tenancy of a property, it is recommended to visit the website of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates.


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Joint Tenancy Deed - Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney
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