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Los Angeles Building Permit Process

Buying a property is an exciting yet scary time. Escrow is the last hurdle before the sale closes and it can provide buyers and sellers with one final chance to back out of the sale depending on whether the contingencies or escrow instructions are followed.

This is not limited to construction but any related work such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems which costs $500 or more or for any amount of the work will affect the structural stability of the building, there is a public safety issue, if to be done to make the building conform to code, or for a change in occupancy (Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 91.106.2).

The Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys Of Sussman & Associates

There are different methods to start the process depending on the size of the job:

  • Small jobs can be done online or in person as a walk-in with immediate review though an Express Permit system.

  • Small-medium jobs one must check in the plan, the review process takes 45-60 minutes.

  • Medium size projects also just be submitted by going in. The review process takes longer but can be completed the same day.

  • Large or complex jobs must be submitted in person, but the review process takes weeks to complete.

  • For major jobs there LADBS must be contacted and a Parallel Design Permitting Process is available.

Counter plan check-ins can be done at the Downtown, Van Nuys, or West LA offices.


If you need help making these decisions or want one of our attorneys to review your escrow instructions and/or contingencies, contact us today for a FREE phone consultation: (800)-233-8521.

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